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  • Will my child be prepped for SOL Testing?
    Yes. At Steppin' Stones, we prepare students (grades 3-6) with strategies and skill comprehension to prepare for SOL Testing.
  • Are classes in person, virtual, or both?
    Classes will be virtual on the Zoom platform, as well as in-person at Grissom Library.
  • What happens if my child is late/misses a session?
    The parent/guardian is responsible for payment of any late/missed sessions, and must give notification within 24 hours of said session. With given notice (only), the student will be granted a make-up session (allowed two times throughout the academic school year) ONLY within 30 days of the session that was missed. After this time frame, a make-up session is not permitted.
  • Where should my child be during tutoring sessions?
    For virtual sessions, students should be in a quiet, consistent location with strong internet connection and limited movement. This will allow students to receive their best learning experiences with their teacher as they will able to effectively comprehend and reciprocate instruction. For in-person sessions, students will come to Main Street Library in Newport News.
  • What should my child bring to sessions?
    Just like school, students are expected to come to sessions prepared. Students should have a pencil, folder, study pages, and notebooks with previous sessions' notes-along with a focused, ready-to-learn attitude so that they can make the best of their instructional sessions. Students may also be provided with materials, and/or asked to retrieve materials for sessions.
  • How does my child officially begin sessions?
    First, parents will have a consultation meeting with Mrs. Wiggins to determine where their children are in their learning, and what skills they need assistance with. Parents will be given a contract in order for their children to become a part of STEPPIN' STONES. Upon signing the contract, parents agree to all terms and conditions of their children receiving services.
  • Can I bring my child's school data to STEPPIN' STONES?
    Yes. Students may bring Mrs. Wiggins test scores, grades, etc. to provide a general snapshot of student performance so that specified instruction is determined per student.
  • How will the Christianity piece be incorporated into instruction?
    God is the head of STEPPIN' STONES, LLC. As we believe this, we will pray (before and after sessions), and teachers/students are able to refer to God in their learning (such as through scriptures, biblical stories/references, etc.).
  • How do I pay for classes?
    Classes may be paid for via Paypal on this site. We recommend to utilize the package options to receive longevity in tutoring services for your children.
  • What should be worn to STEP classes, and where will these classes be?
    STEP practice attire is required to be work-out clothes: a t-shirt, sweats/leggings, and tennis shoes. Performances may require purchases of costumes. STEP classes will take place at Warwick Rec Center.
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